4 Tips to Help Your Divorce Case

27 Oct 4 Tips to Help Your Divorce Case

Getting a divorce can be a stressful process. Hiring an attorney will do quite a bit to protect your interests and reduce the impact. But there is a lot that you are still responsible for. Building a good case takes both an attorney and a client. Here are 4 tips to help your divorce case.


4 Tips to Help Your Divorce Case


Tip 1: Keep the peace


It is very likely that you decided to get a divorce in part because you were tired of the tense situation at home. It can be hard to move on from that state of life. But it is necessary not only for your own health and sanity, but for your legal standing as well.


You do not want the Court to see you as the erratic one in the relationship. You do not want the Judge to witness you “reach the limit” in the middle of Court. Angry texts, social media posts, and e-mails also have a tendency of finding their way into the legal file. It is important that you refrain from engaging your ex as much as possible and simply ignore any attempt by him or her to rile your feathers.


Tip 2:  Periodically evaluate your goals


You can’t get somewhere unless you know in advance where you are going. When you sit down for the first time at my office, we will go over your list of goals. What do you want out of this case? We’ll plan for it, fight for it…and reevaluate it as time moves on.


Your situation changes with time, your feelings about the situation will also change, either combusting or smoldering out. It is important to sit down every once in a while and reevaluate what your goals are in the divorce. Not only will you be more likely to succeed, but you will resolve the matter quicker and cheaper.


Tip 3: Stay current with your obligations


You will have some obligations throughout the Court process. And you probably won’t like them. You will need to keep up with household and automobile bills, attorney’s fees, and any other court-related costs such as a Guardian Ad Litem. You will also need to continuously turn over paperwork and evidence to your attorney, keeping him or her current on the case happenings as it evolves.


All of these are vital. We can’t build a case if we don’t have evidence. We can’t comply with Court-ordered discovery if we do not have paperwork returned. And your credit will suffer if you let your bills lapse.


Tip 4: Be honest with your attorney


No one is perfect. Generally, there is mud to sling on both sides in a divorce and that’s completely expected. It is important to disclose everything relevant to your attorney so that he or she can adequately prepare.


If it is something you talk about in advance, it is something that can be mitigated and prepared for. If you do not disclose something important and your attorney finds out in Judge’s chambers by opposing counsel, obviously you haven’t helped your situation at all.




Even after you hire an attorney, you have responsibilities and control over your case. You can help your divorce case. You can take steps to make it better, and you can likewise make it worse. Keep these tips in mind to help improve your case and make it more likely that you achieve your goals.

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