Why You Should Be an Angel

16 Nov Why You Should Be an Angel

When embroiled in family law cases, clients frequently ask if certain behaviors are ok. We’ve been separated for 4 years, can I date? Can I take my kids to a friend’s house for a bar-b-que while we are in the middle of our custody case? Can I move a state away? The answer typically goes something like this: Just be an angel while your case is open. Don’t rock the boat during your divorce or custody case. It seems patently unfair when you want to do something reasonable and legal. But here’s how you will be helping yourself:


You Will Help Your Case

Family law can be highly contentious. It doesn’t matter if your feel something is perfectly reasonable. It is frequently used against you. It might be exaggerated or otherwise lied about, but you are doing your part by opening the door. Don’t give your ex any ammunition to be embellished upon. Just be an angel and you will not have any “evidence” that can be used against you.


You Will Help Your Family and Kids Stay Healthy

Some families are torn apart by family conflicts. You can choose to smolder the fire or feed the fire. Staying out of circumstances and refraining from excessive complaining or gossiping about the other party will go a long way to help your family deal with the situation. You can get advice and a shoulder to cry on without prompting judgments and hard feelings.


You will Help Your Own Sanity

Minimizing conflict will also help you stay sane. While dating after a four year separation doesn’t seem “bad” and is definitely not illegal, waiting those extra few months will guarantee that you won’t be regretting your action. You won’t be second guessing your actions, you won’t feel conflicted about your behavior. And you will not be stirring up additional troubles in your case. Troubles can equal stress.


If you are in the middle of a divorce or custody case, behave as perfectly as possible. Be an angel. You will save yourself stress and hassle in the long run.


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