To the Law Office of Melissa Harper

Offering clients strong advocacy with personal service.

Affordable Representation

As a strong believer in equal access to justice, I work with clients to keep costs down and offer a variety of payment options to get you the lawyer that you need to protect what’s important to you.

Tailored Payment Options

A variety of payment methods are available. From flat fees to affordable payment plans to paying for only the services you need, we’ll sit down and make a plan to work for your situation. SEE MORE.

Experienced Lawyer

Work with a St Louis lawyer who has first chair experience. I have conducted jury trials, bench trials, hearings in both civil and criminal courts, and have been the lead on over a thousand cases in my career.


Whether it is contested and complicated or uncontested and simple, you need an experienced Attorney to protect your interests. Make sure you have an advocate during such an emotionally difficult time. I offer flat fees for uncontested divorces and payment plans for both.

Child Support, Custody & Visitation

I help clients with child issues ranging from establishing paternity, support and visitation, to modifying previous orders. Do you need a memorialized agreement? Is your old agreement out of date and unworkable? Is your support amount unsustainable? Don’t sit on your situation and let it get worse. Take action by contacting my office to see how I can help.

Criminal Law

As a former Public Defender, I believe in equal access to justice. Don’t navigate the criminal courts alone- hire a strong litigator to defend your freedom and interests. Think you can’t afford private counsel? Think again.


I strive to create an easier experience for my clients.

I accept cases in the greater metropolitan St Louis area and operate with these basic office philosophies:


Passion for providing our clients with the best customer service possible.


You should only be missing work for Court. We strive for flexibility in office hours, offering additional weekend hours by appointment.


This isn't your grandfather's law office. We embrace technology when it results in more efficiency, quicker communication, and easy access to information.


From paperless billing to a client portal featuring live status on your cases, we strive to streamline administration, saving you money, while still keeping information accessible.

Contact me via telephone or e-mail to schedule a case assessment.