Unbundled Legal Services

24 Mar Unbundled Legal Services

You can save money on paying for legal services by handling a portion of the case yourself and only paying for a particular service from an attorney. This is called “Unbundled Services”. It is a new approach in the legal field. Paying only for what you need has the potential to save consumers a lot of money when full representation would be unnecessary.

You take control of your costs by tailoring the scope of the representation.

For instance, say you want a divorce. You and your spouse have come to mutually agreed-upon terms. You don’t know how to complete the paperwork, but feel comfortable giving properly prepared paperwork to a Judge in Court yourself. You can actually hire an attorney for the paperwork portion only, hence saving money on having full representation in Court. Or maybe its vice versa? Maybe you feel like you have a handle on paperwork and need only a review of that portion, but would prefer to have an attorney present it to the Judge to get it signed off.

Here are some other examples:

–  You need a Power of Attorney

–  You want a Temporary Guardianship in place for the care of your children

–  You have a small claims case and you want coaching on how to handle the case yourself at trial

–  You have an issue that you would like to handle yourself, but you need a legal opinion on your position

–  You have a family law matter that is partially resolved, but you need an attorney to resolve loose ends

–  You need a simple will

If you have a specific issue or need, contact my office for a free consultation. We can discuss tailor the representation to focus only on your needs and come up with the fee needed to cover only those services.

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